Medical use of Simulation

As cumputer simulation has been widely used for analysis such as strength of structure or flow of fluid, it is indispensable in engineering. Simulation is also spreading in medical reserach, for example blood flow in the vessel or joint force during walking.

With regard to bone, bone density has been used for evaluation of bone strength, especially osteoporosis risk. However it has been pointed out the limitation that bone density can not remove the influence of bone spur or calcified vessel which don’t contribute to strength and can not consider bone structure. Therefore evaluation of bone strength by finite element analysis have attracted attension over the years. This method evaluates the bone strength by constructing patient-specific bone model from CT data, assigning bone density and material properties from CT value, and performing finite element analysis. Today, it is used for various analyses such as implant installation or osteotomy in reseach field.

Computer simulation has benefit that analysis or mesurement which can not be performed in vivo or experiment using cadaver is possible. However widely-used software has general versatility and high functionality, they make it difficult for non-engineer to learn the operation and the technique for an analysis. MECHANICAL FINDER is the finite element analysis software developed for medical doctors to analyze with no difficulty in clinical practice and a study.

MECHANICAL FINDER is the software to evaluate bone strength by considering the entire bone as a three-dimensional structure and applying finite element analysis.


Finite element analysis of bone is now widely performed, and we believe many medical doctors are interested in it. However, general-purpose FEA software is difficult to learn because of its multifunctionality, and it is necessary to combine it with other softwares to create a patient-specific model. These make busy doctors feel that the threshold is too high to perform FEA by themselves. MECHANICAL FINDER was developed with the aim of being used by such doctors as well. As a matter of fact, MECHANICAL FINDER users in medical and dental field is larger than that in engineering and account for over 70%. Of course, it has enough functions to satisfy even the engineering researchers.


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