Personal Information Protection Policy

Research Center of Computational Mechanics, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘RCCM’) recognizes the appropriate handling of personal information as part of its business, and in addition to appropriately handling such personal information, RCCM will take part in the safe management of the information as an important part of its social responsibility. In order to fulfil l such responsibility, our directors and employees shall, under this policy, commit to the proper handling, management, and maintenance of any such personal information.

  1. Obtaining Personal Information
    In the case of obtaining personal information, RCCM shall do so only after clarifying the purpose and scope of use via proper and legal methods.
  2. Adherence to the Law
    RCCM shall comply with the laws and regulations, guidelines, and other norms specified by the state regarding the handling of personal information.
  3. Handling of Personal Information
    All personal information acquired by RCCM and received from customers shall be used, provisioned, stored, and consigned for management only after receiving proper consent from the owner regarding its purpose and scope of use.
  4. Management of Personal Information
    RCCM shall properly manage the handling of personal information and take the measures necessary to prevent leakage, loss, damage, or alteration of personal information.
  5. Continued Improvement Efforts
    In order to properly manage and protect all personal information used by RCCM’s business, RCCM shall stipulate company regulations, spread the information among RCCM’s executives and staff, regularly review the policy, and continuously work for improvement.
  6. Contacts Regarding Personal Information
    For inquiries regarding personal information, please email

Basic Information Security Policy

RCCM shall define customers’ information acquired through business operations and other important information that RCCM possesses as “Information Property”. RCCM shall recognize that the proper management of this information is RCCM’s social responsibility and ongoing business challenge. In order to fulfill such responsibility, RCCM shall stipulate the basic information security policy, spread this information among RCCM’s executives and staff, and administer information security management.

  1. Information Security Goals
    RCCM shall properly manage information security in order to prevent information security-related accidents.
  2. Scope of Information Security
    RCCM shall recognize the scope of this policy as covering all Information Property, organization, facilities, and operations in RCCM’s possession. In the case of sharing these with a third party, RCCM shall properly manage the information according to this policy.
  3. Adherence to the Law
    All of RCCM’s executives and staff shall adhere to the law regarding information security.
  4. Information Security System Maintenance
    RCCM shall set up an information security committee headed by the management team in order to promote information security, and assign an information security operations manager to each department in order to manage information security.
  5. Protection of Information Property
    RCCM shall manage Information Property as stipulated by the law and this policy, and take the measures necessary to protect Information Property.
  6. Protection of Personal Information
    RCCM shall properly manage personal information in RCCM’s possession as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Policy.
  7. Response to Information Security Accidents
    In the case of an information security accident, RCCM shall minimize damages, work for immediate recovery, and strive to prevent recurrence.
  8. Continued Improvement Efforts
    RCCM shall adhere to this policy, constantly review the framework of information security management, and strive for its improvement.

Supplementations for the Protection of Personal Information

RCCM shall stipulate supplementations for the protection of personal information in “Handling of Personal Information Data”. Personal information data shall refer to all information regarding an individual that can be used to identify said individual. The following are examples.

  1. Name
  2. Personal Identification Number
  3. Address
  4. Email Address
  5. Online Identifiers (IP addresses, cookies, etc.)
  6. Identifying Attributes (Physical, biological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, social, etc.)
  7. Signature
  8. Behavioral Records (Photos, videos, texts, etc.)

RCCM strives to protect the privacy of all parties involved, including our customers and business partners.

1. Scope of Application Regarding This Matter

(1.1) All parties involved, including RCCM’s customers and business partners (hereinafter, Customer[s]).

(1.2) RCCM’s website includes links to other corporate websites. RCCM does not manage and shall not be responsible for the information found in such links.

2. Purpose of Acquisition of Personal Information Data

(2.1) Personal information data shall only be used for the following purposes.

  1. To provide RCCM’s products & services
  2. To respond to inquiries
  3. To promote RCCM’s products & services
  4. To respond to employment & recruitment applications
  5. For purposes which are incidental to the above

(2.2) In the case of using personal information data for purposes other than the above, RCCM shall obtain the consent of the Customer in advance.

3. Personal Information Data to be Acquired

(3.1) RCCM shall acquire the following personal information data for the purposes stipulated in Article 2 through proper and legal means.

  1. Name, Address, Phone Number
  2. Work Address, Department Name, Job Description
  3. Email Address

(3.2) The following information may be obtained or recorded through use of RCCM’s website. However, its purpose is not to identify the Customer.

  1. Cookies are recorded in the Customer’s device depending on the browser settings. RCCM may use these cookies to deliver advertisements via third-party corporations.
  2. Some of the pages on RCCM’s website use web beacons for web analytics in order to acquire online identifiers (e.g., IP address and cookies) when viewing the page. This information is used to analyze the webpage viewer trends in order to provide better customer service.
  3. RCCM’s website sends the application data to RCCM via a web server and an email server. The server logs the information regarding the sending and receiving of data during this time.
4. Disclosure & Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

(4.1) RCCM shall not disclose or provide personal information data acquired except in the following cases.

  1. When the Customer has agreed.
  2. When RCCM is required to disclose or provide the data within the scope permitted by laws and regulations.
  3. When RCCM is required to disclose or provide all or part of the handling of personal information data within the scope necessary for the purpose of use.
  4. When the personal information data is provided at the time of the succession of the business due to a merger or other reasons.
5. Transfer or Storage Location of Personal Information Data

(5.1) The information acquired via RCCM’s website shall be sent to RCCM (outside EEA) via a web server and an email server.

(5.2) The personal information data shall be stored and managed in the following locations depending on the method of acquisition.

  1. RCCM’s Computer and Archive (Japan)
  2. Cloud Server (Japan, U.S.A., Others)
6. Storage Period of Personal Information Data

(6.1) RCCM shall not store the Customer’s personal information data any longer than is required for the purpose of use.

7. Security

(7.1) RCCM’s website uses SSL encryption to send data in order to protect the Customer’s personal information data.

(7.2) RCCM shall adhere to the information security guidelines established in RCCM. RCCM’s employees and executives that handle personal information data shall bear the duty of confidentiality based on these guidelines.

(7.3) In the case of a breach of personal information data, RCCM shall notify the supervising office and the Customer.

8. The Customer’s Rights & Choices

(8.1) The Customer shall have the following rights regarding personal information data that RCCM possesses. Please contact the service listed under Article 9 if you wish to exercise your Customer rights. RCCM shall respond promptly. However, RCCM shall not respond to the following inquiries if the Customer’s identity cannot be verified.

  1. Withdrawing consent to personal information data
  2. Requesting disclosure of personal information data
  3. Requesting a change to personal information data
  4. Deletion of personal information data
  5. Feedback, complaints, or formal objections regarding privacy

(8.2) The provision of personal information data is based on the Customer’s voluntary provision. In the case the Customer does not provide the personal information data, the services related to the purposes stipulated in Article 2 shall not be available to the Customer.

9. Contact Information

(9.1) Please contact the service listed below if you wish to exercise your Customer rights as stipulated in Article 8.

RCCM IT & Security division, Research Center of Computational Mechanics, Inc.
Tokyu Togoshi Building 8th Floor, 1-7-1 Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3785-3033
Fax: +81-3-3785-6066