Two Editions

MECHANICAL FINDER has two editions, Standard and Extended. The main difference is the number of geometries that can be modeled. Standard Edition is limited to a single bone, but Extended Edition enables you to create complicated model consisting of multiple bones and imported geometries. In recent years analysis becomes diversified and complicated, therefore Extended Edition users are increasing. Please refer to the percentage of Extended users in your field.

Extended Edition users
Orthopaedics 89%
Dentistry 96%
Engineering 100%
Radiology 33%
Sports 100%

Standard Edition

If your analysis is limited to a single bone, the Standard Edition would be a reasonable one. Except for being limited to a single bone, it includes all the functions required for CT based finite element analysis, that is, DICOM import, segmentation, mesh generation, material setting, boundary condition setting, analysis and result evaluation. Of course, bone can be modeled as a complete inhomogeneous material and you can evaluate bone stress, strength and so on.

Extended Edition

Extended Edition optimized for those who perform finite element analysis for multiple bones or bone with implant. In addition to functions of Standard Edition, implant installation, reposition of bone, contact analysis, and setting of initial velocity can be performed. Mesh generation for complicated model such as implant-installed bone can be automatically processed.

Product Configuration

Edition Standard / Extended
License type Node-locked / Network*1
License period Perpetual / Annual
Category Academic*2 / Commercial

*1 A network license allows each client PC to operate simultaneously for the number of licenses (analysis can be performed simultaneously without limit).
*2 Academic prices are available for universities, hospitals, and public research institutions.