We had the exhibition with Červenka Consulting s.r.o. at the 26th Annual Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society held in Galway, Ireland.

There were following seven presentations mainly or partly including CT-based FEA using MECHANICAL FINDER.

Dr. Todo, Assessment of vertebra strength using CT-image based finite element method.
Dr. Inaba, Evaluation of the effect of hip surgeries using finite element analysis.
Dr. Sano, Alteration of intraarticular stress distribution after Latarjet procedure: a simulation study using 3D finite element method.
Dr. Matsuura, Mechanics of a smith’s fracture caused by falling on the palm of the hand.
Dr. Oishi, The posterior acetabular uptake (Contre-Coup lesion) by 18F-fluoride PET/CT in FAI syndrome cases.
Dr. Ike, Effects of design modification in Zweymuller cementless total hip prosthesis.
Dr. Kubo, Effects of acetabular abnormalities on the fracture site of non-traumatic subchondral fracture of the femoral head.

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss with our visitors and believe some doctors and reseachers agreed to importance of inhomogeneous material and one-packaged system.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next exhibition.